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The Hungarian Writers' Association, established in 1945, furthers the cause of Hungarian literature and of the society of Hungarian writers. It wishes to represent the interests of literature and of writers, it protects the institutions in the domain of literature, it hosts literary events, organizing meetings with writers, literary debates and book presentations. As a workshop of Hungarian cultural diplomacy it maintains relations with the literary organizations of other countries ,   especially of the neighboring Central European countries. In the service of the spiritual and organizational unity of Hungarian literature, currently divided by several state borders, it offers a home to Hungarian writers living in minority and diaspora conditions around the world. The Hungarian Writers' Association is an active member of the European Writers' Council.

During its several hundred years' history Hungarian literature has always acted as a representative of the Hungarian nation and as a protector of national identity, thus the Writers' Association undertakes certain public tasks as well : it wishes to reinforce democratic organization and a political culture in compliance to European standards. It wishes to protect the values of social equity, of national solidarity and of culture in one's mother tongue. The role undertaken by the Writers' Association is significant as a memento of our past as well. In 1956   the Association supported the Revolution, it benefited from the trust of the entire population and it suffered after the repression of the Revolution. By the end of the eighties it had an important role in the process of the change in the political system, many of its members ending up as leaders or members of various political parties, determining and creating political life in Hungary either in a direct or indirect way. Following the change in the political system the Writers' Association needed to become a spiritual forum and force performing its ethical, professional and social-political roles in a position beyond the realm of parties, existing in a meddle of aesthetic and political views and of systems of value.




Magyar Írószövetség - Hungarian Writers' Association

Cím: 1062 Budapest, Bajza utca 18.

President:: Szentmártoni János
telefon: 322-8840; 322-0631
mobil: +36 20-560-8199

Secretary: Erős Kinga
telefon: 322-8849
mobil: +36 20-560-8166

Secretariate: Schumethné Molnár Beáta
Telefon: (1) 322-8840

Economic matters and membership fee: Peller Zsuzsa
Telefon: (1) 322-8849

Administrative assistant : Erdélyi Dániel
Telefon: (1) 322-8849